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Offset/Digital Press

Coated paper doesn’t absorb as much ink as an uncoated stock, making it a more glossy sheet. Images, type, and photographs look sharper on coated stock.

Coated stocks are not always glossy, and are available in a variety of finishes such as dull, matte or silk. These finishes make it easier on the eye for reading long type passages.

Uncoated papers are rough compared to the coated stocks. They have a tendency to dry faster to the touch and are easier to write on than coated stock.

We recommend glossy stock for brochures with pictures and other attractive design elements that you want to draw attention to.

A matte, dull or silk stock is best for literature that needs to be read, as it is easier on the eye.

An uncoated stock is best for material that needs to be filled out by the recipient. It’s also great to use when going for a “natural” or more “earthy” look.



BlackCMYKSpot Colors

BlackCMYKSpot Colors

BlackCMYKSpot Colors

BlackCMYKSpot Colors

Bleeds: YesNo (This is the area that goes off the edge of the sheet. We recommend no less than 1/8” on art files for bleed.)

PurchaseSupply (Price of list not included in quote. A representative will contact you about your list requirements.)

Format and Proofing

Uploading a low resolution PDF or JPG copy of your artwork can be helpful when quoting your job.


High Resolution Proof (may be miniature)Blueline (Content/Position/Break)PDF Digital ProofColor/BW LaserColor Digital ProofSecurelink (Our inhouse proofing system)


Perfect Binding is when the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong yet flexible thermal glue. The other three sides of the book are then trimmed as needed to give them clean “perfect” edges. Twin Loop Wire bound documents have a sleek appealing appearance and will lay flat and wrap around for easier reading.

Saddle StitchLong EdgeShort Edge

Perfect BindingLong EdgeShort Edge

Twin LoopLong EdgeShort Edge



Long EdgeShort Edge

Perfs and Scores

Please upload artwork or a sketch indicating multiple or multidirectional scores or perforations.

Score   How Many?


Please upload artwork or a sketch indicating areas that have foil, embossing, UV, diecutting, etc.

Foil Stamp    Register: YesNo

Emboss    Register: YesNo
Blind: YesNo
Multi-level: YesNo
Sculptured: YesNo

Combination    Register: YesNo

UV    Flood: YesNo
Spot: YesNo
Reticulated: YesNo

1-Side Lamination Film
2-Side Lamination Film

Tab Cut    Bank of Tabs   
Extension 1/2"3/4"Other


Printing One SideTwo Sides
Carbonless YesNo
How many parts?
Are all parts the same? Front YesNo Back YesNoN/A
Numbered YesNo
How many places?


Does job number? YesNo How many places?
Start number Color: RedBlack

Special Request or Other Bindery Not Listed


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