Mary Jo McCollins

Mary Jo grew up in central Minnesota, before moving to the Gulf Coast in 1980. She resided 29 years here, before life took her north to Wisconsin. After 8 cold winters, she decided the south was where she belonged!

Mary Jo began her career as a graphic designer and has worked in every aspect of the industry from commercial printing to newspaper. While she started in graphics, her career has taken her in many directions. She has done everything from customer service and purchasing, to sales and advertising.

She decided to move away from the creative aspect of the printing industry because of the burnout that often comes from “art on demand”. To feed the artist inside, she has been a part-time watercolorist for Realizations, Inc. at The Walter Anderson Shop since 1999.

Mary Jo enjoys traveling, volunteering and has a love for re-purposing found objects, long walks – preferably on a beach, hanging out with her kids, grandkids and friends, and spending time with husband, John.

She enjoys customer service because she likes the sense of satisfaction she gets from making her customers happy. If she feels they trust and respect her – she knows she’s doing a good job!